Error Netanyahu: Israeli Parliament dissolved itself due to conscription

PHOTO : DPA/TASS / Ilia Yefimovich


In Israel for the first time in history, was appointed re-elections. A majority of the votes present composition of the Knesset on Thursday announced the dissolution, reports “WORLD 24”.

At this step the legislators went after the failure of the Prime Minister and the majority leader in Parliament, Benjamin Netanyahu. The results of the last election, he was not able to create an MP of the ruling coalition. And this, in turn, directly affects the formation of the government.

The reason for the failure was the conflict between the party of Russian-speaking Israelis “Our house – Israel” (NDI) Avigdor Lieberman and the religious parties SHAS and “Yahadut ha-Torah”. They are unable to form a coalition because of disagreements on the bill on the conscription of Orthodox Jews into the armed forces.

Lieberman insisted that the law was passed by the new Knesset, without changes that did not suit the religious parties.

For the dissolution of the Parliament voted 74 deputies, while 45 voted against it. For approval of the bill was enough of a majority of 61 votes.

Re-elections were scheduled for September 17.