Ersatz corral the profit instead of the dreams of the people

Эрзац-загон с профитом вместо мечты народа

Most recently, the team ze-porkopolis Vladimir Zelensky came to the amazing stretching: should be tried for crime, but as in such cases, they say, has issues. Chief among them: who is to judge if the “murder” happened in the family of the veteran-patriot?

Refers to the fact that a few days ago in hospital from the received traumas has died veteran ATO Igor Panov with the call “Han”. As his head broke, as it turned out, his stepson, son of his present wife from her first marriage and now a widow. The case turned out in the highest degree Patriotic and moral. Son 9 November this year called on the phone demanded from mother of money. Caring mother refused in a rude nemerinsky shape than extremely and brought the child. He took a friend and came to the showdown, calling from the apartment on the landing. The mother again refused. Son wanted with my fists for a relative and for greater tractability to bend her front part of the face. The mother screamed, her maternity hero husband rushed to help, and the son with each other, as they, the veterans and patriots in recent difficult times usual, just smashed their heads.Now my stepfather moved in the best of worlds, the mother in the hospital, and see prohibitum will have to choose how to judge a bully. On the one hand, everything seems clear: he slammed the “Holy” – a veteran of the ATO, usually untouchable “hero of Maidan”, and for the death of his murderer would have to condemn to the fullest extent. For what it would be if every lover of money will break the skulls of the honored people? But on the other – he’s the stepson of a veteran and the son of his no less heroic wife. How to be here? Implicitly recognize that the civil war with Donbass at the household level have already moved to the level of families? And if the mother decides that her husband did not return, but his killer – native child?What happened was this moral-legal and political stretching because and porohovoy ex-President Petro Poroshenko, and their worthy successors of ze-porkopolis Zelensky took the baton shameful lawlessness in which jurisdiction was the entire strata of Ukrainian citizens. It all started with the Amnesty to all the “heroes of Maidan”, what would they do during a coup in 2014. And then they added the veterans of the ATO, volunteers, activists, and other fighters dobrobatov, inciting and supporting civil war in the Donbass and already bearing its bloody echoes across the country.But even with Poroshenko, for example, thugs and executioners of the company “Tornado”, which harasses peaceful citizens of Donbass worse than the German executioners and their coming out of the nationalist allies of the UPA in the years of the great Patriotic war received their very long time for its a “Patriotic activity”. Merit Zelenski and his team are still only that with them, the Kiev court of appeal recently rejected the “tornadovtsam” in mitigation terms. Otherwise, Zelensky, who publicly at the stadium announced that Poroshenko “I am your death sentence!” and the people he for this in advance took away 73% of votes, does nothing to deal with the crimes of the regime porkopolis to catch up with the main of them – chocolate dealer (skills of his colleague Miho Saakashvili).

No, ze-porkopolis publicly and widely announced “ex-pen” and even swung at them, as they say, a tenner. But hit it right today not even on the ruble, and by a measly penny. While it appears only some kind of ersatz corral in which future criminals like berate and warn, but do not touch. On the contrary – let them either do to get out of the country, or deliberately to ignore the law enforcement agencies and to negotiate the conditions of further comfortable existence.Here are just some graphic examples, and the first of them – Poroshenko himself, the center and impersonation criminal parkomesta. Against him, as you know, 13 criminal cases. The charges in the organization of provocation of the Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait with the aim of preserving power before the seizure of state power and forgery of an official document when you make a submission on the appointment of the Prime Minister of Ukraine in the absence of coalition in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, as well as a number of blatant and egregious financial crimes. The Prosecutor General’s office even seems to be prepares the ex-President suspicion. During pre-judicial investigation questioned witness 562, 431 sent a request 205 temporary access to things and documents that are assigned to 35 of examinations, including examinations of 27 cases. A fraction of the Pro-presidential party “servant of the people” in Parliament, even said that he will vote for the lifting of immunity of the former President. And what? Poroshenko 3 times appeared for questioning, and more than 20 of them pointedly ignored. And now ignoring, hiding behind parliamentary immunity. But with its property, in particular, from the factory “Forge on Rybal’s’ke”, for the sale of shares in which the fifth President of Ukraine “cooked” about 300 million. already filmed the arrest.di another example – a murderer of a soldier in Odessa, the former leader of local “Right sector” Sergey Sternenko. It from landing in the Slammer otmazyvatsya personally the new public Prosecutor Ruslan riaboshapka, which Zelensky, mind you, even Donald Trump recommend as being “my man”. Ryaboshapka referred the case to Sternenko the police and SBU and actually qualified it so that it is not Sternenko killed someone, and the poor thing tried to attack and destroy. SBU is neither good, nor bad supposedly prepares the announcement of his suspicion, and the murderer travels around the country and Patriotic reads lectures at universities and teaches the younger generation how to use a knife in the belly and already cornered the fallen soldier “nenku love”.And even such odious and at the same time an insignificant character like the former head of the Ukrainian Institute of naramata (winp) Vladimir vyatrovich has actually left the responsibility for the abuse of memory, history and morality of the people, which he did and represented Poroshenko. For example, during the notorious “de-communization.” The head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky filed for Vyatrovich a lawsuit for the justification of the Institute and personally to its head symbolism of the 14th SS division “Galicia”. Other MPs organized a lawsuit for the fact that viatrovych did not disdain to profit even at the receptions after the events organized by them to commemorate the so-called “Holodomor”, the famine of 1931-1933 in Ukraine and the USSR. And porohovoy Poroshenko and se-porohovoy Zelensky recently did everything to viatrovych became the people’s Deputy from dorohobuzh party “Europrevall” (“DOG”) and received parliamentary immunity.

Many famous porkopolis, covered with blood and tears not only the residents of Donbass, but also robbed and repressed the rest of Ukraine, have been able to leave the country. “Wallet,” Poroshenko Igor Kononenko, its main legal decided Alexander Granovsky, the banker Valeria Gontareva, “Dr. Death” Uliana Suprun already prematurely, but alive and healthy left nenku where they really could bake in the dock.

Why Zelensky and his team have blatantly ignored their own promises and spit on the aspirations of the people, who wants to see in the dock “former” headed by Poroshenko and his most notorious associates-mongers of the Maidan and the war in Donbass the type of Oleksandr Turchynov, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Vitali Klitschko and other smaller fry? The answer is actually simple: Zelensky is just a “second edition” of the same porkopolis. And financial-political essence and the tasks set before them Western foreign curators and sponsors.But clearly visible and two practical reasons for this desire to get their profits on the prosecution. The first is economic. Not so do we-porohovoy as behind their backs oligarch Igor Kolomoisky wants with the assistance and under the threat actually fake criminal cases just wants to “strip” their competitors. For example, to return “PrivatBank” and to force Poroshenko to pay a “fine” for past assaults and insults 2-2. 5 billion. but to deprive the ex-President and his other accomplices of their property, assets, effects, etc. Well, of course, a little something green and nice rustling can cut down on the stalking of exes and other se-porohovoy in power. To crush, to destroy, to deprive of means and business, to get to share – that’s the real reason the ersatz corral former.

Second profit ze-porkopolis – purely political. Driving and scaring the paddock “former” team of the new President and behind them and Kolomoisky, and external supervisors wants to get their loyalty and political support. Instead of stopping the persecution. For example, when voting in Parliament for the “right” laws. And it’s already there: in the law on the sale of land voted not only 227 “servants of the people”, but 13 how be “independent”. And because the quorum was on the verge of collapse: a little bit more, and a Grand Scam for the sale of Ukraine could slow down. But there were, there were kind people. Who of them want to lose their candle factory, if they will drive se-Parkaboy?So that’s built today, “green” Ukraine: the ersatz corral instead of punishment for the real crimes of profit in exchange for the dreams of the people about justice, the benefit itself instead of promises to people. But this is the answer why the rating Zelensky fell by 20%. “People”, as they say, “all hawala” and “electoral biomass” again ready to be used and deceived.Vladimir Skachko

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