Ersatz history of Ukraine without bromine and…vaseline

Эрзац-история Украины без брома и…вазелина

You know, young man, when our gullible optimists rejoiced at the change of power in Ukraine, I clearly identified one of the main defining moments: change public attitude to history – there are chances of real recovery prospects of the country from the Nazi intoxication. No — it means all starry-eyed speeches Zelensky and of the company is just cheap populism. Alas, the way it came out.It would seem that a shift on this subject occurred — notorious viatrovych not without pomp, was dismissed from the post of Director of the Institute of national memory. Pseudo-scientific establishment, since the days of Yushchenko and the first Maidan involved in the falsification of history, by fanning Russophobia and absolutely shameless propaganda of Ukrainian nationalism in its fierce Bandera incarnation…

However, today one can clearly say: change “the procuress” is not turned this ideological brothel in the Institute for noble maidens. As evidenced by yesterday’s presentation of his new office in Odessa. Judge for yourself!

Эрзац-история Украины без брома и…вазелина

…In the Odessa public and even scientific library named after the late national perverter of history of Ukraine and Russia Mykhailo Hrushevsky has resulted in the presentation of the southern branch of the same winp. You’ll laugh, but this “educational institution” is going to carry your bad gabellieri systematized delusions not only of the Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson areas, but already has Crimea!

And as the head of the dear public was presented a certain Sergey gutsalyuk. A native of the Khmelnytskyi region, settled here as a child with his family. The graduate of historical faculty of the University, and for a chieftain of a chimerical “Association Haidamaks”, concurrently panouse and the local branch of mossy national-chauvinist movement.

Эрзац-история Украины без брома и…вазелина

Notorious nationalist, a longtime hanger-on ex-mayor of Odessa Hurwitz, known for its ties to Ukrainian nationalist extremists extreme Nazi wing of the type of the founder of the UNA-UNSO and the “Brotherhood” Korchinsky. One of the organizers and executioners of Katyn Odessa on 2 may. And so “distinguished” in this disgusting massacre that, even from sin and judgment away for a couple of months disappeared in the rear parts of the punishers in the Donbass. And therefore — now proudly called “a veteran of anti-terrorist operation”.

Эрзац-история Украины без брома и…вазелина

A fanatical supporter of unscientific “theory” about 600 years of history of Odessa, as if founded in some Lithuanian nobleman (though the devil, anyhow not the Russian Empress!). In short, a very typical person.

And all this would be funny if newly-minted head of the regional branch of the “forgetting of the Institute” was not declared as its main task of “nation-building” by working with youth and children! Simply put, public policy has been, and will be aimed at poisoning young minds as a disgusting substitute, a poisonous fake stories designed to cripple the souls of our children and grandchildren.And typical of his breed narrow-minded declared the desire to promote “the history of Ukraine without bromine and naftalina”. With the first it is difficult not to agree – after all, just bromine, which is used in psychiatry as a sedative, it possessed certainly not enough. Although, as would say our late brilliant journalist and anti-fascist Grigory Kvasnyuk, “treat Natsik have not bromine, and Drin!”. Because other means against the brown plague of the story is not invented.

And what about the naphthalene stray “Gaydamak from history” strongly got excited. After all, those “Board games” and books glorifying Petlura and Bandera executioners and hirelings, enemies of the Slavs but the Nazis, who he intends to sell to young people, and stinks of mothballs Yes carrion that the Kaiser’s chief spy Walter Nicolai, his followers the type of Admiral Canaris, chief of the Nazi Abwehr. Those who actively used the Ukrainian nationalists to inflate the fratricidal hatred and Russophobia.

Here and look how “changed” the internal policy of our continued “independence” of Ukraine under the new regime! The sign has changed, but the meaning remains the same. Profane and obscene to the obscene. Than with us, and congratulations…

Igor Plisyuk

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