Escaped from the garage, the bear attacked the inhabitants of the Saratov region

Сбежавшая из гаража медведица напала на жителей Саратовской области

Escaped from the aviary brown bear wounded two inhabitants of the Saratov region. The victims required medical attention, said on Sunday “Interfax”.

The incident occurred on Saturday evening. According to the regional Department of the MIA of Russia who had gotten loose the beast first attacked a passing 68-year-old man. The animal knocked the man to the ground and injured. Indifferent witness tried to chase the bear, but he switched to it. Causing injuries to the second resident, the beast disappeared in the Bush. The victims went to a medical facility.

It turned out that the animal was bought in 2014 one of the locals, who worked as a trainer in the circus. It arranged the bear, nicknamed Maya aviary in one of the garages of the building cooperative in the town of Balakovo and played with her views.

The head of service of rescue of the Saratov region Yury Yurin said that the beast managed to catch and return to the garage.

Currently, injured no danger. The enclosure is guarded by the police. In fact the incident initiated a test.