Etiquette in the plane: the rules of behavior at altitude

As a passenger aircraft, it is very important to observe the rules of conduct on Board.

Етикет у літаку: правила поведінки на висоті

In our time, when air travel became more affordable and many people regularly travel by plane, you should not forget that there are so-called “air” etiquette. As a passenger aircraft, it is very important to follow the rules of conduct on Board so the flight was comfortable not only for you but for other passengers, informs Rus.Media.

Edition of the Washington Post has collected the views of passengers are from USA, UK, France, Germany and Italy on the rules of conduct on Board, and asked to comment on this information, Lizzie Post, American expert on etiquette.

The armrests on the chairs

67% of respondents believe that passengers should use the armrest with one hand, leaving the other for a neighbor. More than 40% of British and American passengers who occupy a seat in the middle, admitted that they monopolizing both the armrest. Travelers from Italy, France and Germany were more polite: almost half said that the arms should go to the first person who asks.

Expert opinion: “do Not attempt to solely qualify for the armrests, if possible, share with your neighbor: for example, take the front part, and the neighbor give it back, or use them one by one.”

Shot shoes

59% of respondents believe that to take your shoes off on the plane – normal, while 87% believe that making socks is impossible in any case.

Expert opinion: “Out of respect for other passengers, if possible, better to stay in the Shoe during a flight”.

A neighbor who fell asleep

Whether to Wake the neighbor, who sits on the aisle, and sleeping sweetly, and you need the toilet?

80% of respondents answered positively, 40% added that this can only be done once per flight. A third said that they would try to squeeze in next to him, but were not sure.

Expert opinion: “definitely worth it to Wake up. Possible, to him who sits on the aisle is to respect others and not to cause them trouble”.

Етикет у літаку: правила поведінки на висоті


66% admitted that they won’t push the neighbor who snores, but will increase the volume in their headphones. However, 20% of Brits said that a little push, and then portray innocence.

Expert opinion: “Ignore snoring and boost the volume, you can also use wax ear plugs”.


Most travelers believe that swapping is acceptable, but only after checking with the flight attendant. The British are often transplanted to other places – as soon as the pilot turns off the sign on the seat belts.

Expert opinion: “to get the stewardess is a good idea. It is respectful, and besides, you save the ticket, which States that you have to sit in another place, so they need to know about all the changes. First you need to check the free space, and then ask passengers to change.”