Eugal: continuation of the “Nord stream-2” in Germany, preparing to launch

Eugal: продолжение «Северного потока-2» в Германии готовят к запуску

The construction of the first pipeline Eugal, which is a continuation of the “Nord stream-2” in Germany, completed in late 2019 and first gas deliveries possible from 2020. This is stated in the answer a press-the Secretary of GASCADE Gastransport GmbH Georg Wustner to the request of the Colossal.

“Eugal project is on schedule,” said George Wustner. In the letter, the first line length of 480 kilometers and a capacity of 30.9 billion cubic meters per year fully welded and trenched. To complete backfilling left to go 16 miles. “Our colleagues are preparing the first thread for operation”, — wrote the press-Secretary of GASCADE Gastransport GmbH. He noted that the pipeline Eugal will not fall under the restrictions of European regulation, as was the case with Opal, land continuation of the “Nord stream”. Gazprom could use its power only 50%, and the rest had to be reserved for independent suppliers, while the Commission at the request of the German regulator has not given admission to the Russian holding to almost full utilization of the pipeline through auctions. However, the European court on the suit of Poland reversed the decision in September. As a result, deliveries via Nord stream will be reduced by 18 billion cubic meters from 55 billion cubic meters.”Eugal not subject to the decision of the European court of Opal. Power Eugal fully adjustable and can be used in full. The pipeline is part of a Plan for the development of power grids of Germany and the 10-year plan for the development of power grids of Europe. Opal, in turn, partially regulated pipeline with a few exceptions and special rules. That is why it is impossible to compare two projects, they work in different systems,” — said in a letter to the company GASCADE Gastransport GmbH, which owns a share of 50.5% in Eugal.

Eugal: продолжение «Северного потока-2» в Германии готовят к запуску

Illustration: that Eugal is the onshore continuation of the “Nord stream-2” and will be able to reach its full capacity of 55 billion cubic meters only in 2021. The first string of the gas pipeline to the border with the Czech Republic with a length of 480 kilometers and a capacity of 30.9 billion cubic meters is scheduled to start in early 2020. Second, the capacity of 24.1 billion cubic meters, will be held before the Brandenburg and should be started in 2021.

As previously reported by the Colossal, to complete the “Nord stream-2” left to lay the pipeline on the 150-kilometer stretch of the economic zone of Denmark in the Baltic sea. However, Copenhagen still has not issued a permit and, as reported by the Colossal Danish energy Agency (DEA), the timing of the extradition is still unknown. “At present, the Danish energy Agency is considering the responses received (the results of the public consultation on the South-Eastern route of the “Nord stream-2” in Denmark and neighboring countries in accordance with the Espoo Convention. — Ed.) and in parallel, evaluates the application. It is impossible to say how long this process will take. It depends among others from possible further consultations with countries in the framework of the Espoo Convention”, — stated in the September letter from DEA.

The head of “Gazprom” Alexey Miller at the same time said that there is still time to finish the construction “Nord stream-2” and enter it into operation before the end of the year. “Today, even the Rubicon fail for one simple reason that the Danish section is short and construction time are only about five weeks, so, of course, there’s a chance,” said Alexey Miller.

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