“Eurasia. Regions”: what is the secret of the Kuban

PHOTO : TASS / Vitaly Timkivi


Krasnodar Krai is the third populous region of Russia. Here live 5.5 million people. At the edge of the territory can be compared to two of Switzerland. The basis of the economy – agriculture, production of construction materials, transport sector, tourism. Novorossiysk sea port is one of the largest in the country. In fact, it is the withdrawal of Russia in the Black sea, then the Mediterranean, that is to foreign markets. It is located in the tsemes Bay, which never freezes – to trade all year round. Another geographic advantage is the depth of the berths, 24 meters. This allows to serve ships of almost any tonnage. From here to other countries sent oil, coal, base metals, wheat, sunflower oil, and here deliver the vegetables and fruits, plastic, cars, clothes. About that, what else is famous Krasnodar region, see the program “Eurasia. Regions” on TV channel “MIR”.