Eurasian paint: at the ENEA exhibition of Roerich

PHOTO : AGN Moscow / Nikitichev Andrew

Picturesque mountains, ancient temples and the bright colors of India, at the ENEA exhibition of works of Roerich. The spacious pavilion, they moved from the State Museum of Oriental art. The exhibition was visited by the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Olga Zhemchugova.

The exhibition is not just the so-called “Preserving the culture”. It was the Testament of Nicholas Roerich humanity. Today he works as a part of this culture, found a new spacious home. The 13th exhibition hall, which was restored specifically to provide a Museum of the East, helps to discover more of the artist’s work.

“We have opened an exhibition of Roerich for the first time in September, and paintings played absolutely other paints. The volume of the exhibition space, the high ceilings give a very different vision of these works”, – said Alexander Sedov, Director of the State Museum of Oriental art.

The paintings of Nicholas Roerich at the exhibition is a distillation of 45 years of his life. Red thread is the theme of Ancient Russia. The Orthodox churches do not just become objects for artistic creativity – Roerich proposed the idea about the importance of preserving monuments. This idea eventually turned into the “Roerich Pact” – an international instrument on the protection of cultural property during wars and armed conflicts. This topic is also not spared the artist’s work. About what is detrimental to humanity and culture can be a war, he did not forget even in Tibet.

Better than mountains can be only mountains with the hero Svyatogor. This picture was painted shortly before the outbreak of the Second world war. Why Russian hero is depicted among the Himalayas, he calls to defend the Fatherland.

A chain of paintings on Tibet, as the chain of mountains around the whole exhibition. I wonder what to write mountains Roerich was before moving to the East. So, the picture “Miracle” was based on travel in the United States. In the center – the long-awaited Savior, the Messiah. But amid the mountain chain, is more reminiscent of the Grand Canyon. This year, however, will go to the East, other mountains.

“He does not simply illustrate the legend, he adapts and makes it publicly available, nationwide for people all over the world. Here we see the architecture of the Dutch bridge. We see people in a long Slavic clothes of flax. It’s a piece of Ancient Rus. This Is The Grand Canyon. This story becomes international”, – said Vladimir Rosov, curator of the exhibition.

The exhibition features about 400 works. And here not only the paintings of Nicholas Roerich. A separate room is given to the works of his son Svyatoslav. His work is the bright colors of India. There are a lot of portraits the artists wife – Indian actress Devika Rani Roerich. He wrote portraits of his father. One of them is in the centre of the main exhibition. From April 27 it will work at ENEA on a permanent basis.