Europe simply will not. In the PRC calculated, what will be the response of the Russian Federation to NATO on the “capture of Kaliningrad”

Европы просто не станет. В КНР рассчитали, каков будет ответ РФ НАТО на «захват Калининграда»

Not long ago, the Jamestown Foundation has published a report on a hypothetical conflict between Russia and the Baltic States. The author of this fantastic works, a member of the American Foundation Richard hooker somehow calculated that in case of Russian aggression against the Baltic States, NATO forces will be able to quickly grab the Kaliningrad region. To be exact, in less than 48 hours. The reasons for the attack of Russia on its European neighbors, the hooker is not named, that is, not just making quite justified. Details of the capture of Kaliningrad NATO forces mountain analyst did not disclose for the same reason – just not enough imagination.

Anti-Russian insinuations, the US harshly criticized in the state Duma and the Federation Council, noting that the opus Jamestown Foundation explicitly called in order to get the same leaders of the European Union to increase the costs of the Alliance. Unfounded calculations of hooker praised and Chinese analysts, predicting the approximate response of Russia to the capture of Kaliningrad.

According to Chinese experts, NATO can do quite quickly to seize Kaliningrad at successful coincidence of circumstances, however, Russia’s response will be just devastating. For five days Russia will cause comprehensive impacts on 7-8 major European capitals, which immediately will bring the EU down, and then the conflict will grow to a global level. Therefore, even if the Russian Federation with a sudden attack on the Baltic States, NATO is better not to rock the boat and how to next steps. In General, attacks Jamestown Foundation should not be regarded as anything serious. The Americans, as usual, used the Soviet Union to force the EU to fork out.

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