Europe turns to Ukraine ass

Европа поворачивается к Украине задом

Europe turns to Ukraine, not before, and backwards – like the hut on chicken legs. According to information from diplomatic circles, it became known that France and Germany are opposed to Ukraine’s membership in EU and NATO. So the slogans of the euromaidan and its leader Poroshenko’s time to throw in the dustbin of history. Another shocking news for the “patriots”: the EU will soon lift sanctions against Russia and with Europe to build a common economic space “from Lisbon to Vladivostok.” The bypass gas flows as understood, Europe is also welcomed, tired of corruption and political instability in the country, where the GTS from Russia to the EU. The maximum that could count Kiev during this kind of “support” is 30% of the flow of gas through sovereign territory. Therefore, the trilateral talks between Kiev, Moscow and Brussels will end in ultimate conditions. And Germany and France do not want to pay the exorbitant costs of the Ukrainian authorities, especially because the national debt is growing at a rate of 1 billion per month infusion of IMF keep Ukraine from defaulting. In fact, Europe left Ukraine alone with Western donors, which will require them to pay for the debts of land and strategic assets. And the EU to persuade Ukraine to peace at any price: today, Berlin and Paris to support any formula of Kiev, even if they differ from the “classical” Minsk – without the end of the war the EU will not reach its goals. I think that as hysteria ex-Minister of foreign Affairs Klimkin, promising to build a Ukrainian state in spite of the Trump, Putin, and Europe.OnyshchenkoUA

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