European brides choose wedding veils is white turbans

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Elizabeth Shagalova

Bride of the new wedding trend: the usual white veil, they are replaced by turbans. The fashion for these hats came from Central Asia and the Middle East, where their relation is dictated by religious beliefs. The tradition was picked up European brides, zerodiv a new fashion trend. Today, social networks are increasingly found photos of the girls with the original headgear, marked by the hashtag “wedding turban”.

“This accessory allows you to remove hair from the face and to attract and concentrate attention on the beauty of the face, to emphasize our dignity. It shows a woman in a very favorable light, in an expensive, presentable form,” said wedding stylist Julia Morozova.

More recently, these hats were considered as an extravagant accessory for daring ladies. Today, fashion brands are increasingly turning turbans in their collections, and the Western stars go out in them on the red carpet. Turban can be worn with clothes of completely different styles. It goes well with the Trouser suit, and with a light sundress. But there is one nuance that is important to consider that the headpiece fit into the image.

“The turban is necessary to maintain Oriental accessories, then he will look good in any way, even if you’re in jeans and shirts. Even as an experiment, I would recommend every woman to make yourself a turban, the turban and see for yourself. In fact, the feeling is awesome. Feel like a Cleopatra, not less,” said Julia Morozova.

To build a turban on the head, you need skill and months of training. Come to the aid of modern designers. They create a kind of hats, turbans, so it was quick and convenient to put on.