European Championship 2022. France finds Serbia in qualifying

    European Championship 2022. France finds Serbia in qualifying

    An affront to be washed clean: surprisingly beaten by the Serbs at the beginning of the week, the French will seek to erase the stain left by the three goals gap, this Saturday in the Paris suburbs.

    After its defeat in Serbia (27-24), Tuesday in Zrenjanin, the France team must react to this same nation, Saturday (7 p.m.) in Créteil, in order not to complicate matters in qualifying for the Championship Europe 2022 but also in order to regain confidence five days before the start of the World Championship.

    Guillaume Gille’s first appearance in the coach’s suit was difficult to say the least: his men were up to five lengths behind. “It’s a first failed experience. We imagined that we would be more operational than that, despite the circumstances, the little training with the entire group, the return of the players who had made the Final 4 of the Champions League, the Norwegian Cup or the last one. Bundesliga matchday ”, underlines the national coach.

    “We hoped to be there, and, for once, we missed the big widths” Guillaume Gille, coach

    “The stated goal for this return match is to win and recover the particular goal-average”, he said, which will require a victory of at least four goals to pave the way to Euro-2022 next January. To go to Hungary and Slovakia in twelve months, France must take one of the first two places, while it is in competition with Serbia, Greece and Belgium. If she finishes in third position, she will have to be among the top four thirds of the eight qualifying groups.

    But, beyond the purely mathematical aspect, the French will have to make a copy much cleaner than the one delivered on Serbian soil, “Very poor quality”, in Gille’s words. “Despite the open sites, the work that remains to be done so that the game project is clearer, we hoped to be there, and, for once, we missed the big picture”, he regretted, pointing to shortcomings “In the commitment” and “In the fight” in the first leg. “We missed a lot of things. This is all that we must correct to find a face more in line with what this group is able to deliver. “

    The technician hopes “See the best in the game and in the behavior of all players”, with also in the sights the World-2021 which begins in Egypt in less than a week (January 13-31) and a shock for France as of its entry in the field, Thursday, against Norway of one of the best, if not THE best player in the world, Sander Sagosen.

    In Val-de-Marne, as well as in Africa, the Blues will be deprived of their left-back Elohim Prandi, injured in the shoulder and replaced by Jean-Jacques Acquevillo.

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