European countries will invest 1.5 billion euros in the development of artificial intelligence

Европейские страны вложат 1,5 млрд евро в развитие искусственного интеллекта

The French government announced a new strategy for the development of artificial intelligence, in which this sector will receive an additional € 1.5 billion investment. The President Emmanuel macron said in an interview with Wired.

France will create Union from EU countries who plan to develop the field of artificial intelligence and super computers. Macron said that Europe must become a world leader in the race to create artificial intelligence, overtaking the United States and China. Thus Estonia, as a leader in the use of IT technologies in Europe, while in the Union are not included.

To date, the details of the work of the Alliance is not. It is unknown what the company will invest, investors, to what year this Association how to use these technologies.

Earlier macron spoke at the conference on problems of artificial intelligence, where it is stated that this mechanism must be impartial and completely transparent. In addition, the European Union in the development of AI will not be created for financial gain or support of the political system — what we worked for American or Chinese engineers, and to improve the lives of people, said macron.

In addition to artificial intelligence, investment the Union will develop such areas as unmanned transport, innovative medicine, Big Data and others.

In early January it became known that France and Britain will begin to explore together the possibility of applying artificial intelligence. It was planned that the first major event in the framework of the new cooperation policy of the European developers of the AI will be representative conference on computer security and artificial intelligence at king’s College London. Partner of the British University in France will be the national centre for scientific research.

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