European films to launch the summer

Des films européens pour lancer l’été

While the cinemas of Quebec are preparing their opening for July 3, the film distributors have already begun to fill the calendar of outputs. And in the absence of hollywood blockbusters until the end of July, French cinema, and european will be honored during the first weeks of the summer.

“In general, Americans are ubiquitous in the cinemas during the summer, but it’s going to be different this year because they have pushed several of their large output because of the pandemic, stressed on Thursday the distributor, Louis Dussault of K-Films Amérique.

“So this is a unique opportunity for us to try to take advantage of this situation to introduce our films to a new audience. “

Des films européens pour lancer l’été

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Michel Blanc

K-Film America will launch as early as July 3, the French movie 100 kilos of stars, a comedy that won the Grand Prix at the Festival du film pour enfants de Montreal last march. On the same day, the distributor AZ Movies send in the melee another French comedy, Doctor ?, with Michel Blanc.

“This will be a good test to see if the public is waiting for you,” observes the president of the AZ Films, Antoine Zeind also launch later this summer the French comedy #Jesuislà, with Alain Chabat, and the drama De Gaulle, on the life of General de Gaulle.

Other international films such as This is it, paradise ?, A son, The piping and The young Ahmed (the Dardenne brothers) will take the poster from the re-opening of the meeting, at the beginning of July.

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The distributor Films Seville) will also benefit from the low presence of hollywood on our screens at the beginning of the summer to start on July 10, the suspense québécois Suspect number one, starring Antoine Olivier Pilon and american actor Josh Hartnett.

“It is very important for us to participate in the revival cinemas, and it is believed that Suspect number one is the kind of film (a suspense action) that the general public will want to see returning in theaters this summer”, said earlier this week the chairman of the Films Séville Patrick Roy.

Some of the films from quebec who had seen their career room to be cut short by the pandemic will have a second chance to shine on the big screen. This is the case of 14 days, 12 nights, Mafia Inc and ours that should be presented in a few theaters starting on 3 July.

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