Eva Longoria came out of the decree within three weeks after birth

Ева Лонгория вышла из декрета через три недели после родов

Eva Longoria, tiny son which is less than a month, took part in first shoot since the birth of the baby Santiago. Eva has shared new photos for which she posed, dressed in a black wrap dress, trimmed in Golden silk. The author of this survey, which was going very, was a fashion photographer Bernardo Doral.

The work schedule had to agree to a schedule of feedings of the child, and eve, which feeds Santiago breast, was visibly nervous. Besides, to part with the son even for a few minutes — for it is a big problem.

Eva still can’t believe his luck, because she managed to become a mother for the first time in 43 years. Two years ago when she got married with Jose Baston in Mexico city, the actress admitted that she now lacks only a baby. However, she is not too believe in such a possibility. She was married twice — first for actor Tyler Christopher, and then for the basketball player Tony Parker. However, both her former marriage was childless. When she finally got pregnant, then said that “he considers it a real miracle.” And after the 19th of June her son was born in the famous clinic of Cedar Sinai Medical Centre, she called it “a blessing”…


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