Eva Longoria combines work and feeding of first-born

Ева Лангория совмещает работу и кормление первенца

The actress returned three weeks later after the birth of his first son.

Eva Longoria currently combines work and feeding of first-born, as she told fans in her Instagram account. The Eva called a working mom, posting a picture with the preparations for the shooting, where her worked as a professional stylists. Longoria was noticed three weeks after birth, she’s technically still on maternity leave, however, this did not prevent her return to the beloved. Also, the actress thanked her stylist and makeup artist to Alan and Ken for their professionalism by which work is given to her delight.

In review subscribers eve Langoria noticed that she should enjoy every moment spent with her son as he grows up very quickly and begin to build their own lives. Also fans of the actress said that after giving birth she became even more beautiful, blissful elegance and sexy real mother.


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