Evelina Bledans complained of Konstantin Khabensky

Эвелина Бледанс пожаловалась на Константина Хабенского

Evelina Bledans complained of keira Knightley [photos]
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Evelina Bledans with his son Simeon. Photo: Instagram the actress.

According to the actress, the actor refused to be photographed with her son.

Evelina Bledans, recently confessed that in his youth lost a child because of a maniac who complained about his colleague Konstantin Khabensky, who refused to take a photo with her special son. The actress posted in her Instagram a picture with Simon, noting that at this point “was supposed to be a picture with Konstantin Khabensky”.

– After this post we probably never will get a photo with your favorite actor, but I had to share this…. Personal space – Yes! Fotogafie with the crowd – doubtful! But to deny a special child and a colleague to take a photo-no!!!!! I saw my friend of the actress refuse to take pictures when they are not in makeup, and even this surprised me… and then…. Sorry Konstantin, I do not understand…” she wrote, according to CP.ru, actress.

Эвелина Бледанс пожаловалась на Константина Хабенского

Bledans complained about Knightley. Photo: a screen from the KP site.ru

Despite the fact that as of the morning of June 12 this photo and post on the page Bledans is already there, the media managed to copy it.

According Bledans, the actor “categorically refused to be photographed”. Although, as said Evelina Bledans, she introduced herself, explained that a child with down syndrome and a mom with a child wanted for his page in Instagram.

Something that I have repeatedly supported its Foundation in social networks it was easier to say… — has shared details of the conversation, the star. — Probably just me, a fool never refuse anyone in the photos, realizing that she chose a public profession.”


Evelina Bledans confirmed her affair with the businessman

Few months, the actress Evelina Bledans appears on secular parties in the company of businessman Serhiy Demcheva. But now 48-year-old actress confirmed that they are indeed a couple.

– Now is the time to say: Yes, he’s mine! — Evelyn confirmed their romantic relationship in the comment to the magazine “7 Days”.

The demchev already managed to find a common language with the son of Evelina from his third marriage with Alexander Semin. He is a growing boy with down syndrome.

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