Evelyne Beaudin: “It worries me a lot”

Councilor Évelyne Beaudin did not appreciate at all the little information given by Steve Lussier at a press briefing on Sunday when the Mayor of Sherbrooke apologized to his former chief of staff Daniel Bergeron.

“I still have several unanswered questions,” she notes. Did it cost the taxpayers something? Was there a recording? Has it been destroyed? And all of this leads to the main question: who makes the decisions at City Hall? Is the mayor in control or his entourage? It worries me a lot. “

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Lussier and Bergeron in front of the media

Ms. Beaudin also expressed concern about the Mayor’s silence at the journalists’ questions.

“They want to turn the page, but the subject is not exhausted. It could have been exhausted if they had been good enough to answer the questions. He will have to have his boots follow his lips. One of the things that Bernard Sévigny was most criticized for is precisely blocking information to journalists and refusing to answer questions. It’s not only after a month at the town hall that Steve Lussier can afford to do that. ”

“I invite journalists to continue asking questions because at the moment we do not have the answers,” she adds. For me, as long as the subject is not emptied, we can not move on. If he had agreed to answer the questions, we could already work on larger issues. ”

Surround yourself

This point of view is shared by the citizen Pascal Cyr who was involved in this story.

“Évelyne Beaudin is criticized for using taxpayers’ money, but they too must be transparent. They should have answered whether or not there is a financial agreement and whether the citizens have disbursed something. ”

“He apologized and that proves that he is an honest person and someone who is able to recognize his wrongs,” says Cyr. I do not want to blame him, but I invite him to take the time to surround himself well, that’s the strength of good leaders. For example, he should call on someone with experience like Louise Allard who has been a cabinet director for several years. ”

Mrs. Beaudin believes that it will be very difficult for the municipal council to adequately represent the citizens until this story is settled.

“My trust in the mayor is shaken, and my colleagues’, too,” she explains. It is the entire city council that is paralyzed as long as we do not know if we can trust it. ”

“What this story demonstrates is that there is clearly a group of people coming together, just as a political party would do. And it gives me all the reasons in the world to form an opposition, even if I do not like that word. There must be more than one political voice heard at City Hall. Do not leave everything in the hands of the town hall cabinet. ”

The other discrete elected

Nicole Bergeron, Councilor and Chair of the Executive Committee, abstained from any comments. She prefers to speak with council members before going out in the media.

Annie Godbout, Rock Forest District Councilor, criticized the Mayor’s scrum.

“I do not know what the purpose of the press briefing this morning was, but there are more questions than answers,” she says.

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