Even in times of COVID-19: the hope for sports activities

Même en temps de COVID-19: de l'espoir pour les activités sportives

The sports activities may be resumed gradually in the coming weeks and months, provided that they comply with the instructions of public health in force.

The prime minister may be discouraged Wednesday good number of sportsmen, big and small, during the daily press conference on the state of propagation of the COVID-19. “The gatherings, cultural activities, sport, good, it, is that okay in 2021? This is not impossible,” has dropped François Legault, provoking sighs in the cottages.

The cabinet of the minister of Sports, Isabelle Charest, to clarify that this statement by the prime minister regarding the events general public and large crowds, which gather many people and during which it is impossible to comply with sanitary rules in force.

A relief for the sports federations, which, however, will have to show much of imagination in the next few months.

“For the sports lovers and the sports federations, the only condition is that, when their event will take place, the event must comply with the instructions of public health in place at that time. Is it going to be a challenge? Yes. Is it going to require creativity? Yes. Is that, perhaps, there will be people who will be disappointed? Yes. But, is this all falls in the water? Absolutely not!” warns the press officer Alice Bergeron.

Of course, the practice of individual sports will be promoted until the instructions of public health fall a notch.

“A swimming competition is a very good example [of what will be possible with sanitary measures and spacing social]. People can very well play a game of tennis while being moved away; the sports individual, in principle there are no issues,” insists Ms. Bergeron.

The national Institute of public health has issued a warning, at the beginning of the month of April, about the risks of contagion to the coronavirus in swimming pools and spas. “There is no evidence of a risk of transmission of the COVID-19 by the bathing water. As for drinking water, the concentrations of disinfectants used to treat water in swimming pools and public spas as prescribed by the Regulation on the quality of the water of swimming pools and artificial ponds, are able to inactivate the sars coronavirus as the SARS-CoV-2”, states the leaflet.

For lovers of sports, they think of soccer or basketball, the challenge is of size. “We’re looking for solutions. It is in reflection,” she said.

Of course, in many disciplines, infrastructure is of primary importance for the practice of the sport. The grounds, pools and gyms will have to reopen before we could consider starting to sweat.

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