Even removes poisons from Smoking that few people know about the beneficial qualities of conventional potatoes and applying it as a medication

Убирает даже яды от курения: мало кто знает о полезных качествах обычного картофеля и применении его в виде лекарства

A product like the potato, is not only familiar, but also delicious for everyone. Overall, it can be prepared in different ways, but hardly in the world there is at least one person who doesn’t like potatoes at least in some form. Meanwhile, few people know about the beneficial qualities of this product and use it as a medication.
In particular, the tubers of potato is very healthy if you know how to use them. At the same time, one of the best uses of all curative qualities of potatoes is the use of the juice. Consider in more detail the possible and define what can be cured by using potato juice.+

Are treated with potato juice

Treatment of gastritis

Potato is an alkaline product. In this regard, its juice helps to soothe the gastrointestinal tract and eliminates the high degree of acidity in the body, which in turn will help get rid of heartburn. To do this, a tablespoon of fresh juice of potato to dissolve in warm water and drink approximately 30 minutes before meals. Improvement health you can feel almost instantly.+

The treatment of stomach ulcers

If the morning to drink about two tablespoons of fresh potato juice on an empty stomach before eating and repeat the same for lunch and dinner, in a very short period of time can cure stomach ulcers. For example, in practice, this way you can heal the ulcer in about a month.+

The reduction of blood sugar levels

Potato juice helps those suffering with diabetes. With this tool you can reduce the percentage of sugar in the blood to the optimum state.+

The use of the juice for lung diseases

Those who constantly smoke, it is recommended to use fresh potato juice in free proportions. Of course, you can use this option to quit Smoking do not succeed, however, this method allows you to effectively clear the lungs from products of Smoking.+

The main useful properties of potato juice

Potato juice is a wonderful anti-inflammatory agent. It helps to fight with arthritis and other types of inflammation. For example, the use of the juice will help to get rid of back pain and joints. In addition, the potato juice helps to improve the blood circulation throughout the human body.+

As this product is alkaline and is used to reduce the acidity level in the body, it is recommended to use for suspected cancer and establishing the diagnosis. In addition, the juice helps in cardiovascular diseases. Also, this product is indispensable in the treatment of eczema. Furthermore, the use of potato juice will help to clear up your skin.+

Those who are overweight and wants to lose weight, it is also recommended to drink potato juice. Will not excess this product for those who suffer from disease of the kidneys and the bladder.+

The use of potato juice will help to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood and cleanse the gallbladder and liver of toxins. At the moment there are a large amount of evidence to prove that drinking juice can help to control blood pressure.+

In addition, by using this product it is possible to prevent the creation of stones in the urinary tract. We should not forget about that potato juice is a great source of vitamins A and b, and also such chemical elements as phosphorus, potassium, iron and protein.+

The method of preparation of potato juice

To prepare potato juice, you’ll need a juicer or blender. If these devices you do not, then you can just grate fresh potatoes on a grater and squeeze the juice out of it. The resulting mixture should be diluted with purified water.5

For one tablespoon of grated potato, one 150 ml of water. Drink the resulting solution immediately after its preparation. But if your body does not accept the potato juice in its pure form, it can be mixed with other products for example Apple, grapefruit, or other juice, or just add a bit of greenery.+

So to the surprise of many conventional potatoes has become a panacea! Not get sick while drinking potato juice!

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