Even replace medications: cucumbers have many healing properties

Заменят даже лекарства: соленые огурцы обладают многими целебными свойствами

The use of cucumbers has a wide range. Use them to care for the skin and in culinary products. And what about when the season vegetables ended? Very simple – you need the cucumbers to pickle or preserve. Especially since pickles can replace many medications.

Pickles will replace many drugs

Pickles are a Bank of different nutrients and vitamins. It is considered that the leader in content of vitamin C — lemon, the cucumber is also a lot of this vitamin, which is so necessary in the cold season. They contain vitamins B, A, PP. The total amount of nutrients has somewhere around 21 as – is and iodine, and phosphorus with sulfur, iron, copper, and many others.

Assistant to the intestine will become a cucumber. After all, when the process of fermentation, produces lactic acid, which prevents the growth of bacteria. So, enter in your diet need this product.

In pickles a very small amount of calories, which gives the opportunity to use it at lunch and dinner. While lactic acid reduces the amount of fat in the blood, which leads to the disappearance of cholesterol.

If you suffer from constipation, the cucumber can act as pronone medicine. Because the vegetable consists of water and fiber, which will help to cleanse the bowel. Also for unloading the fit and cucumber pickle.

It can be concluded – the cucumbers need to be used all year round. They will be your helper not only in the kitchen, but will replace many drugs. Eat high quality and healthy pickles, and you will feel great!

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