Even several weeks before they deliver masks

Encore plusieurs semaines avant de livrer des masques

 While time is of the essence, of the quebec manufacturers will not be ready to deliver their first masks before a few more weeks.

“Things are changing quickly, but you must understand that it is complex to develop solutions with the performance required in the health sector,” said Alain Duval, president and chief executive officer of Duvaltex, whose head office is in Quebec city.

“Miracles in a few days”

“We are trying to do miracles in a few days, but it must still pass the approval stages and tests that are rigorous and demanding “, he says.

“There are still many steps to go through before the switch to industrial volume. All of our teams are working on it relentlessly “, he adds.

Duvaltex works in collaboration with other companies of the textile to accelerate the launch of production. “It is difficult to say when we will be ready. It’s going to depend on the level of performance that it will achieve. The N95 is almost impossible to achieve in such a short time “, argues Alain Duval.

“Therefore, there is a risk of aiming for more the masks of the procedures that will be still very safe. Before producing a product of performance, it will take a few weeks “, he explained to the Journal.

Not before two or three months

For its part, the new factory of Medicom, which will produce in Quebec N95 masks, will not be functional until two or three months.

“It is definitive that Quebec and Canada are going to want to ensure a chain of production present in the country in the long term. For our part, we will make a strategic axis, but in the short term, we want to help relieve the risks of the people who are the front line in the health sector “, said Mr. Duval.

The risk of pandemics to repeat in the future is real, according to the business man.

Strategic need

“It will be necessary to develop an industrial infrastructure in the country for the critical areas. ”

“As for the health and defence, it should be self-sufficient. Unfortunately, we discover it in crisis management. It’s going to become strategic for Québec and Canada “, said Mr. Duval.

With its 550 employees, Duvaltex has four plants in Quebec and three in the United States. The company specializes in the textile, specialized in technical textiles.

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