Evening of hope

Soirée d’espoir

As for the teams of the NFL and for football fans, the first round of the draft yesterday was the night of all hopes. For some, the hope of getting out of the hole. For others, the hope to add the last missing piece. For all, the hope that the sport will resume its rightful place in a period of disorder.

The fans of the sport have finally been able to hang on to a bit of normality in this Thursday evening. This was perhaps not a game but it is approached more. The football is not dead!

After weeks of cancellations or postponements of major sporting events, weeks of uncertainty, weeks of bad news, the last chance proved to be the perfect opportunity to demonstrate that, even in the turmoil, life goes on.

The pressure seemed enormous in the last few weeks that the NFL cancels its tower, its flagship event. Even the staffs of some teams have argued that the current context of containment did not permit them the optimum preparation. Perhaps, but the lover came out the winner of the virtual exercise, which, despite obvious limitations, has delivered the goods.


The other winners of this first round are the quarter-backs. To begin with Joe Burrow, which becomes as expected the new man of confidence of the Bengals.

For the Bengals, it was, without the shadow of a doubt the logical choice. The young man is articulated, it has an intelligence of superior gaming, great athleticism, and most importantly, it has the compass in the eye.

It should not be surprising that this team so quickly from its doldrums of the past few years. Burrow will quickly find weapons interesting in Joe Mixon, AJ Green, Tyler Boyd and John Ross. If his offensive line suspect fails to protect, the Bengals could quickly go from zeros to heroes.


The Dolphins have also had the happy hand (at least, we presume), with Tua Tagovailoa to the fifth rank. Last season, when they have liquidated numbers such as in a garage sale, they have been accused of doing everything to inherit the first choice.

With the benefit of hindsight, they got good compensation, have developed a strong collective attitude and have finally picked their man in the fifth rank. Of course that Tagovailoa is coming with a troubling history of injuries. Nobody will deny that it is a risk.

Except that of the quarter-back of this talent, with poor leadership, do not spend all the years. It is not fished out not at the top of the first round every year. In health, there is no doubt in my mind that Tagovailoa is a hope senior Justin Herbert, the selection to the next rank by the Chargers.

Speaking of Herbert, the good news is that he falls within the second team of Los Angeles, one that does not attract the spotlight. His introverted personality fits well with the anonymity of the Chargers in this enormous sports market. A good team, but a team ill-fated since it has been eradicated from San Diego.

Herbert is a beefy guy and the power of his arms leaves no doubt. It will also be very well supported by a nice arsenal of receivers. But the decisions doubtful abound in his case.

Anyway, it is too early for bulletins. What we do know already is that it has made a very foolish to follow a live sporting event.

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