Everest at the CHSLD

De l’Everest au CHSLD

Sylvain Béliveau never fear especially not the challenges. Mountaineer and man of affairs, it carbide to difficult challenges. By two time Everest was tested and warned that life can only hold by a thread. This time, his challenge is different from a conquest of the summit. He has swapped his ice axe and boots with cleats for a lab coat, a mask and a stethoscope in taking the service into nursing after 23 years of absence.

In the full hot zone at the CHSLD of the Assumption, the one who has worked 20 years in the medical field to the Hospital in the Cité-de-la-Santé de Laval, is found in some way in what we call the zone of death in mountaineering, where everything can be beyond 8000 meters of altitude. In the fragile environment of the health facilities long-term care, it is deployed in full hot zone. The action does not lack. This is what he wanted to help his neighbor.

“It is a challenge of humanitarian, war against an invisible enemy to which we were not prepared. I have to do my part, ” testified the 59 year old man who has made his first shifts at the Assumption last weekend.

No fear

In responding now to the call of the government in this pandemic that has engulfed the Quebec people and the planet, Sylvain Béliveau wants to bring people closer together. Despite the approach of the sixties, he is not afraid of the COVID-19. He has seen death in the face at the avalanche on mount Everest, following the powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.9 in Nepal, there are exactly five years. Destroying the base camp on its passage, it had killed a score of climbers in addition to injured more than 60.

And in 2018, kidney stones in high altitude have foiled his plans. He planned to stand, finally, on the ” roof of the world “, but the danger of kidney stones and an injury to a leg in the wild have rather led to the hospital. His two teammates have achieved the feat.

Therefore, it can live with the risks inherent in his decision to dive back into the medical community in a time of crisis. In excellent physical condition, he even finds the way to flirt a little bit with the statistics.

“It is time to give the best of myself, has supported the one who was first called to do the screening for coronavirus in the region of Lanaudière. It is a matter of pride. By the same token, I found my old one. It made me intrigued for some time, to return to help in a hospital environment. During the 1980s, I could work 100 hours per week. ”

The lessons of the past

For the moment, it gives a great helping hand to the nursing staff. Thirsting for action, he would even do more, but its restrictive permit of the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec freshly granted to prevent it. His vast experience in all units of the hospital residents at the time, including the emergency and intensive care, his calm and his leadership skills are valuable assets to the team.

These qualities have led him to excel over the past 25 years. Curious and eager for foreign cultures, Béliveau has discovered the world, its peoples and its snow-covered peaks after having celebrated its 40 years. It is measured at the Aconcagua and Chimborazo, in South America, the Kilimanjaro in Africa, mount Everest and Lhotse, Nepal, and Denali, Alaska, to name a few. Three years ago, it has also crossed Canada by bike.

All his travels were closer to the people. In this pandemic, it returns to its roots and puts their shoulder to the wheel in its own way, with a touch of positivism. The one who has helped to challenge the highest peaks and the obstacles in life.

Waiting three weeks

It took the cry of the heart of the prime minister François Legault, a week ago, for that Sylvain Béliveau receives finally the call waited a long time for the CISSS de Lanaudière.

Yet, this resident of Terrebonne to the rich experience in nursing had sent his application by offering help at health centers and social services of Lanaudière, Laval and the Laurentians in the third week of march.

Béliveau has done work with his or her professional order to get their restricted licence. Of CISSS have bitten the bait, but these are the last details of deployment in Lanaudière, who have delayed more than three weeks.

First for the screening in the front line, it has seen its mission change last week. Two days after the release of Mr. Legault, it was finally fixed on his task and his destination.

The man with the bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Montreal, dating back to 1984, had to go lend a hand to the nursing staff and orderlies of the NURSING homes of the Assumption. He was soon made acquainted with the urgency of the situation being welcomed with open arms.

In hot zone

As of the date of the last report cases of contamination in this establishment, on 17 April, six patients were infected by the COVID-19.

In his first shift of the night, this weekend, in the full hot zone of the establishment, Béliveau has cared for many hours a beneficiary whose fever suddenly shot up. This one passed the screening test. The result is expected. If it is positive, the nurse will submit to a test. Yesterday, he didn’t feel any symptoms of the coronavirus.

Béliveau testifies to the lack of staff in a healthcare setting messy. From his second night of work, he has been working overtime. The reinforcements are therefore necessary, according to this former nurse coordinator of the Hospital in the Cité-de-la-Health for 10 years.

Prior to his first presence, he didn’t know quite what to expect. The reality was quickly struck. Faithful to its habits, he has rolled up his sleeves alongside those he calls, for the past five days, its heroes.

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