Every tenth house in Ukraine – emergency: authorities again raised the question of Khrushchev

Каждый десятый дом в Украине – аварийный: власти снова подняли вопрос хрущевок

Ukraine is still trying to solve the problem with Khrushchev, after all, half the housing stock in need of renovation. Moreover, almost every tenth house is a disaster – say in the Ministry of development of communities and territories of Ukraine.

Apartment buildings started to build in 50 years. This means that their average age of 70 years. The “Stalinka” has 150 years of operation, panel “Czech” – at 100, and fewer years of life allotted to Khrushchev – not more than 60. But only in the capital there are about two thousand. Soon the Kyiv authorities intend to make an inventory of Khrushchev. What happens with old houses and how to restore them abroad?

In Kiev already have a house with neat porches, same with balconies and without a single inch of quilt insulation. Glancing at him, did not immediately guess that this is the apartment, which almost 70 years. This house was supposed to be a pilot project of reconstruction of housing. But it was the first and last renovated building in the capital.

“The house is in better condition than other Khrushchev. Anyway” – confidently declares Svetlana Banderite, a resident of Khrushchev restored.Svetlana speaks to reporters from the balcony, which before the reconstruction was not. In addition, the building replaced the roof and put in order a facade. But the project is still not finished.

“Two million is not enough. Either stole, or something. They had to change the wiring, the pipes inside. As it turns out, made only a facade,” says Svetlana.Beautiful facade for its Khrushchev wants her roommate Victoria. But instead, yet receives only architectural experiments of the neighbors.

“See that added? It’s all a disgrace. They have got all the light was taken away, terrible the look was like a coffin,” says Victoria Grigorieva, a resident of another Khrushchev.In her house, rusty pipes, leaky roofs and constant dampness in the basement. However, the real technical condition of the Soviet Khrushchev Metropolitan officials only plan to find out.

“If the building can be refurbish, insulate, replace communication – we have to do it without the relocation of people. No operations, relocation of residents of the building without the consent of 100% of the inhabitants of this house can not take place”, – says Olga Beletskaya, member of city Council.

Architects, in turn, explain: housing 1950s obsolete more mentally than physically. Damaged houses a bit. But the overhaul would not hurt anyone.

Alexander Sergienko, the Director of analytical research center “Institute of city” says:

“The problem is all the houses in the communications generally. Water supply, Sewerage, electrical networks. Perhaps the gas”.With the problem of Soviet housing was faced in Germany. In particular, in East Berlin. At first the Germans wanted to carry everything. But in the 90s Khrushchev transferred the management companies to be repaired three quarters of all homes. For this the company obtained the right to lease or sell the apartments. How it works, own eyes have seen Yaroslav – the founder of online community, correspondents which removed fun home and balconies Ukrainian cities.

“This completely reconstructed, very cool looking house. You never know what this former building or a former socket. Because it’s all prestatario, painted in a fun color,” said Yaroslav artyushenko, founder of the community, “King-balcony.”The problem of Khrushchev hurts not only the capital. For example, in Berdyansk residents of Khrushchev, afraid that their house will collapse because of a leaky roof. The cement between the bricks at the front wall almost completely washed.

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