“Everyone talked about” leaving the airwaves of Radio-Canada

Photo: Radio-Canada
An image from the archives of the flood in the Saguenay presented at the show “everybody talked about it” in July 2013.

The public affairs program, everyone talked about it, based on the archives of radio-canada, will be withdrawn officially waves at the end of the month of march, learned The Duty. Radio-Canada wishes rather to live his heritage at the option of the daily news.


The end of All the world was talking about has been approved by Michel Cormier, the director of information of Radio-Canada. The last four episodes of the program — three of which will focus on the olympic Stadium — will be released by march 31.


The show, which drew between 300 000 and 500 000 people was in slow motion since 2015, its time slot is “spring-summer” have been busy during the past two years by turmoil, a show dedicated to the family and moderated by Karina Marceau.


“We do produce more emissions of All the world talked about it] because we would rather make a valuation of our archives daily, in order to enrich the perspective on the news as much on our digital platforms in our news programming,” explains the Duty Marc Pichette, director, public relations and promotion, Radio-Canada.


According to Mr. Pichette, the management of information considers that Radio-Canada ” will expose more people to its archives, and […] will better align with how people now consume information.”


In the end, the business sector and the public will have an emission of less, confirms Mr. Pichette. “But we must not forget that the information branch is still working on new projects. Who knows what will come in the future. “


The employees of the program do not lose their jobs but will be assigned to other projects, says Radio-Canada.


Everyone was talking about was created in 2006, and used the archives of the public broadcaster to inform a fact of society, an issue, a news. “The aim is to refresh the “battles” that have had an important impact in their time, that have a resonance current, and who, despite everything, have fallen into oblivion, ” says the Web site of the program.


The very first episode was hosted by Anne-Marie Dussault, and dealt with the difficult birth of medicare in Quebec with Claude Castonguay. Everyone was talking about has had several presenters, including Guy Gendron, Gilles Gougeon and Solveig Miller.


Radio-Canada relies a lot on variety shows for the exploitation of its archives. Vox Pop, hosted by André Robitaille and produced in the private sector, responds to this niche, just as The children of the tv, and rear-view Mirror, hosted by Véronique Cloutier.

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