Exclusive: how Japanese workaholics dying on the job

Эксклюзив: как японские трудоголики умирают на работе

Today our story – about the world-famous Japanese workaholism on how to doze off on the job – and never Wake up.

Hundreds of Japanese each year kills fatigue at work. Keeping the economy in third place in the world, the Japanese are working almost round the clock. And many die from the tower load.

Can withstand such loads our countrymen in Tokyo? And as death from overwork trying to stop the Japanese government? – understand the special correspondent of “Today”.

From the main office in Tokyo, you can see the highest skyscrapers in the Japanese capital. One of the main streets of the quarter every day to work, so more than 3 million people.

At six in the morning, the street already full of office clerks. In shirts and suits – hurry to work. Although most of the working day has not started yet. But unofficially, he many not end – the Japanese often work at night.

“As difficult as it was in Japan, I never worked”, says moved from Ukraine to Japan Tatiana Shimizu.In native Nikolaev Tatyana taught the children English. In Tokyo she is a casting Manager. Organizes fashion shows. Recognized for 20 years of life in Japan and not used to the local schedule. Find decorations often starts at dawn. And ends after midnight. And it’s not exhausting profession, and in the atmosphere in Japanese companies.

“They start to press on the sense of responsibility. You have a duty to think about work, about clients. Even if you are horribly sick. I had a lot of such cases when you just came out and you had to work,” says casting Director Tatiana Shimizu.In Japan, all in the first place — work. And then health, family, leisure, says Director of marketing of the company Some of the GFCS.

“The psychological pressure is great. No one just fine, but if you want a career, you can’t go home, before colleagues and boss work. Sometimes I went to bed directly under my Desk in a sleeping bag”, – says Director of marketing of the company Some of the GFCS.Because workaholics, who did not want to waste time on the way home, in Japan, capsule hotels there.

“30 years ago our economy was developing at a frantic pace. Workers exploited in full: long and exhausting working. Didn’t even go home from the office – not spending time on the road,” says the owner of capsule hotel Yui, Keisuke.These capsules resemble the closet. But here is where people sleep who are not looking for comfort or space. Only — the opportunity to sleep in.

To climb to the second tier, without habits, is hard. Thus for such modest accommodation will have to pay 4,000 yen, i.e., little more than a thousand hryvnia. But for them, the guest receives a soft bed, fresh bedding, nightgown and a set of clean towels.

But it affords few. Someone just taking a shower and – back to the office.

And such a schedule in Japan often ends in death. From overwork on the job people die.

“People are under pressure, so they worked until morning, if the work is. They do not stand up – fall asleep and then not Wake up. This is a phenomenon we have called “karoshi”, – says Director of marketing of the company Some of the GFCS.Last year alone, victims of “karosi” became more than a hundred people. Can not withstand even the officials. 19 years ago the strain was killed by Japanese Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi.

And just this year the government decided that companies whose employees do a lot of work, will be fined. The amount of the fine to three thousand dollars.

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