Exclusive: Japan from garbage create Islands

Эксклюзив: в Японии из мусора создают острова

Our correspondents continue the cycle of materials “Japan today” about the modern life of an amazing country, where entwined with modern technology and a deep Eastern tradition.

In the first article “Today” told about the samurai houses that were built without a single nail, and can withstand typhoons and earthquakes.

In the second part of the cycle it was on Japanese public transport, looking at which, I recall stills from a science fiction movie about the future. We can handle any size projects small to large scale.Our roll off dumpsters for rent & roll off containers can help with all your types of projects. Plus, our dumpster service is astonishing. If your not sure what size dumpster you need, Please, do not hesitate to call us we can provide a reasonable price as well as helping you decide which roll off container size you need.

Today our story – about how in Japan, they’re Islands of debris. That’s the way this country is expanding its territory.

Waste in Japan is burned, and the ashes poured artificial Islands and build up their residential skyscrapers and business centers. Materials that do not burn, recycle in Japan. And absolutely all – there is no one dump.

The streets of Tokyo affect the purity and neatness thanks to the dumpster rental services hired by the government. There is no garbage on the roadside, and almost no boxes where it can be thrown away. The Japanese always take a package, there pile all the trash that accumulate during the day, and carry it home.

“Today” met a resident of the city of Yokohama Oksana piskunovoy. She is originally from the Donetsk region, live in Japan for 20 years. Here learned how to properly sort garbage. “Today” it showed that makes packages for milk: before disposing of containers, Oksana cuts it up and washes away the inner side of the remnants of milk. Washes and a box of fish before you cook dinner.

“If not very dirty, you can wash without cloths and detergents. Or to wipe or leave to dry”, – the woman told.Recyclable in Japan believe the garbage clean, dry and sorted. Only this falls into the tanks. Them in these apartments for three. And even children know what what.

“Candy wrappers I throw the container in the middle, he’s garbage, is burned. There go all our food waste,” shared nine-year-old Sakura, the daughter of Oksana piskunovoy.The other two tank – for plastic, says mother of Sakura, and shows how in Japan to throw a normal bottle.

“It is necessary to remove this wrapper, because it does not go into processing, it’s just we throw away. And it is necessary to remove this cap, because it’s a different type of plastic, not suitable for this tank,” explained Oksana.Different type of trash got picked up on different days. Tomorrow – turn plastic, and the hostess in advance into the corridor carries a transparent bag of rubbish.

“To make it clear that this is something that you can throw away this day. If there is something other than cans or bottles, just don’t take it,” said a resident of Yokohama.At dawn on the Japanese streets, the garbage trucks. Before downloading the packages, their work carefully inspected. If you see something dirty or debris that is not picked up that day – the package will not take, and fined the owner of a waste if he made a mistake a second time. The amount of the fine, in terms of the yen – a few thousand hryvnia.

Further, the rubbish are taken to recycle. Here the plastic is converted into new containers or even fabric. As paper, cardboard, rags, and the remnants of food burned.

“Today,” visited the incineration plant, located, surprisingly, not on the outskirts, and in the trendy district of Tokyo, next to an elite high-rise buildings. And no unpleasant smell is not felt, although every day comes here are almost a thousand trucks, each with a ton of garbage.

All shovel manually to the dump. Hence the debris in the furnace. The process is fully automated. How burning garbage, the employees watching the screens. But in laboratory studies the gases released after burning.

“We are constantly watching how many harmful emissions into the atmosphere comes from our factory with the combustion of garbage. And, believe me, is a minimum. We have the most stringent standards in the world,” said the engineer incinerator Nakagaki of Toshifumi.Japan has long realized that even garbage can be useful. For example, while the trash burns, it produces electricity. And from the ashes fill of the island – so small country it is legal increases their territory.

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