Exemplary worker, Souleymane Sow hopes for a residence permit

    Exemplary worker, Souleymane Sow hopes for a residence permit

    I make bread for the children here. Things are going well, I would like someone to give me a residence permit because I work for France“, Souleymane Sow is a young man of 24, from Guinea Konakry. A country he left at age 22, due to family violence. Arrived in Montpellier on December 18, 2018 after a year of exile during which he spent by Mali, Algeria, Morocco, Spain then France, he is now threatened with deportation.

    Asylum request rejected, Souleymane Sow lodges a graceful appeal with the prefect of Hérault

    Unsuccessful of his asylum application on October 22, he filed, with the support of his employer, a gracious appeal to the prefect of Hérault to obtain an employee residence permit.

    “I make bread for the French. I would like to be given my chance.”

    The Pain et Partage is a work integration company, located in Fabrègues, which manufactures organic bread for communities, schools, colleges and high schools in Montpellier, Sète, Lunel, Saint Clément de Rivière, company restaurants, certain catering services in the medico-social sector and soon hospitals in Sète and Montpellier.

    On a permanent contract since December 1 because it is essential to his Pain et Partage business

    The “trainees” usually follow a 24-month course there before continuing their professional career elsewhere, but Souleymane Sow is a special case, the company wants to keep him and signs with him a CDI after one year.

    “I need someone serious and Souleymane is serious.” – the boss of Pain et Partage in Fabrègues

    For its chef Romuald Adriansen, it is essential for the development of society, “I can count on him to such an extent that today he is responsible for the kneading part, it is he who trains the employees who arrive. We have requests from the CHU de Nîmes, the hospital in Sète, the CHU de Montpellier are asking us, I need serious people and Souleymane is a serious person ”.

    Without papers, impossible to find accommodation

    It is in this capacity that the young man applies for an employee residence permit. Hired on a permanent contract since December 1, only a residence permit would give him some stability. “I wish I could rent an apartment“, he said,”without papers, nobody wants to rent me accommodation. It’s a hassle, I sleep right to left. And yet, I need to rest “.

    He works every day from 2 a.m. to 10 a.m. in the company located at the Fabrègues ecopark. At the beginning, he made the round trips between Montpellier and Fabrègues by bike before he bought a scooter. His goal is to pass the permit and “finally be able to stabilize myself“.

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