Exercises that tightened chest for 14 days

Every girl “on the sport” knows a lot of exercises to strengthen the gluteal muscles or the abdominal muscles. Of course, a sexy tummy and taut butt – major fitness trends of today. What about cleavage? What exercises will help tighten the chest?

Вправи, які підтягнуть груди за 14 днів

The expert of the program “I will live 100 years” compiled a set of exercises that will make Breasts stunning. Arm yourself with patience and follow simple exercises that will lead you to the cherished dream after 14 days, reports Rus.Media.


Pushups is the most effective and useful exercise for the upper body, which helps to develop strength endurance, build muscle and strengthen joints. If you have trouble doing this exercise in the classic version, then do some push-UPS with legs bent at the knees. Your set must consist of 3 approaches of 15-20 reps each.


One of the most effective and efficient exercises to train the chest muscles is pulling up with its own weight, for which you’ll need a turnstile. Do this exercise three approaches on 15 repetitions each.

Bench press

The bench press is a basic exercise to develop chest muscles. Anatomically the bench press close to push UPS, but rod allows you to use more weight and thus makes the working muscles more directional. Perform this exercise three approaches for 20 repetitions each. Watch your range of motion, the working muscle group should always be in tension. The movement should be smooth, monotonic, without jerks.


The most important part of your workout should be running on the track. Cardio is the most fat burning exercises that allow you to lose excess weight. Every workout try to increase your speed and level of inclination of the track. 40 minutes of running on the track at a speed of 10.5 km/h burns about 450 calories.


Some only exercise to maintain beautiful bust is sometimes not enough. Especially if you periodically sit on diets, and your weight jumps. The fact that the female breast is almost entirely composed of fatty tissue, so losing a few pounds of weight it not only decreases the size but ugly and starts to “crawl down”. Therefore, in addition to permanent doing exercises for chest muscles need to take care of your skin and to avoid surges of body weight.

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