Exotic replenishment: a rare rhinoceros was born at zoo Miami

Экзотическое пополнение: редкий носорог родился в зоопарке Майами

The Miami zoo was born of a rare Indian Rhino. This is only the second time in captivity. And after the first artificial insemination, reports channel “MIR 24”.

While the calf without horns. And generally more like a clumsy pig, which is why it was clad in heavy armor. However, zoologists are ready to burst into tears with emotion. This little Rhino is their great victory. The species listed in the Red book. In nature there are not more than three thousand individuals. Blame the poachers and an ancient belief. It attributes the horn of a miraculous aphrodisiac properties and a universal antidote.

Sex of the Rhino is still unknown. Veterinarians to it is not allowed. The first month of life is a time for bonding between mother and baby.

A month earlier, the staff of zoo Miami stated that the seven-year-old female named Ākūti, gave birth to a baby. She could not get pregnant 18-year-old male, nicknamed Sura, so it was decided to resort to artificial insemination.