Experience épeurante for Frank Gore

Une expérience épeurante pour Frank Gore

The movement Black Lives Matter is very important in the eyes of the wearer of the ball New York Jets Frank Gore. The latter has himself lived through a traumatic experience, when he was a teenager.

“We need to continue to move in this direction, he mentioned, on Friday, the newspaper “New York Post” about the movement.

“I grew up in a rough neighbourhood [Coconut Grove, Florida], I have passed through many trials and yet I was a good person. When I was young, I had “dreads” and gold teeth. I remember that one time the police to me jumped over me and stuck a gun to their head just because of where I was and my appearance.”

One that has evolved with the San Francisco 49ers, the Colts of Indianapolis, the Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills explains that his first instinct suggested to run. Thing he did not.

“I stayed on-site, hands in the air. I was afraid. There are no good neighborhoods where I come from. So I did what they told me to do. They thought that I was going to run.”

“When I returned to school, and I talked to my coaches, they made me cut the hair.”

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