Expert: Europe is able to become a great power, if will overcome internal division

Эксперт: Европа способна стать великой державой, если преодолеет внутренний раскол

Europe continues to demonstrate diplomatic helplessness in foreign policy issues, noted in the pages of La Presse Canadienne, is an expert in the field of international relations Jocelyne Pendant. The author believes that to solve this problem, the continent needs to gain strategic independence from the United States. Thus, according to the expert, some EU members are actively working to prevent European autonomy.

After the start of the Turkish operations against the Kurds in Syria, Europe was threatened to President Erdogan sanctions for the prosecution of her allies in the conflict, reminds columnist for La Presse Canadienne, is an expert in the field of international relations Jocelyne Pendant. Today, however, this topic has disappeared from screens of TVs of the European and the Europeans “left the game” in the middle East, which now plays their cards Russia, the dominant power continues to remain in the USA, the author notes.If the Europeans so valued by the Kurds, why didn’t they come to him for help, asks the Pendant. The answer, in his opinion, is simple: Europe has never been able to unite in matters of foreign policy and defense just as they did in the economic and social sphere. Today, the split in these issues persists and is unlikely to disappear in the near future.Failure in Syria is not the only foreign policy issue in the EU. Another stumbling block was the attempt to develop a common strategy towards Ukraine. If Paris and Berlin are looking for ways to resume dialogue with Moscow and at the same time maintaining the aspirations of the new Ukrainian government to restore authority over the entire territory of the country, the States of Central and Eastern Europe fear the price that will have to pay for the secret agreement of the great powers with Moscow. In this agreement, they tend to see the victory of Vladimir Putin, the purpose of which, in their opinion, the split in Europe.Meanwhile, Europe has become a target not only for Russia but for the US President Donald trump, which aims at combating far more significant funds, like the browser. The White house has never hidden its support for brexia and openly encouraged other EU members to follow the British example and get out of the “European prison”.Today, America uses against European methods of economic blackmail, forcing European companies to leave Iran, contrary to the intention of governments to continue doing business with that country after US withdrawal from the nuclear agreement in 2015.In addition, the apparent cooling of the U.S. government to NATO forces Europeans to think seriously about the security of the continent in the future. “Washington may cease to fulfil its obligations towards Europe simply because for him she is no longer a priority,” — said the expert. Besides, a large part of the American elite no longer feels such a strong political, cultural and sentimental attachment to Europe as their predecessors.That’s why Emmanuel macron so actively engaged in promoting the idea of “European strategic autonomy,” which, unfortunately, took a rather restrained in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, explains the author. “In fact, many of these States are actively working to ensure that this strategic independence never saw the light of day,” — emphasizes the analyst. At the forefront of this battle Poland — “the Trojan horse of the USA in Europe” — a construction project at his own expense a military base for American soldiers called “Fort trump.”While Poland, the Baltic States and Ukraine, according to the author, forget about your geographical location they border with Russia or its “satellites”, and not with the United States. “A small state will not save his skin, clinging to the superpower, located tens of thousands of miles away. The Kurds something know about it,” says Kulon. Once the Americans are gone, and countries will have to face face to face with your neighbor. And then their chance to be saved from becoming entangled in the Russian sphere of influence will be Europe.”Europe exists,” — says the expert. According to him, she proves it every day through the “soft power”: development of rules and regulations, subsidies, trade agreements and humanitarian aid. However, she forgets about “hard power”, which ogranichivaetsya several peacekeeping operations in Africa. “She needs to become a great power, if she wants in the world it is considered,” urges the author of the article in the conclusion.

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