Expert: NATO’s “stuck between trump and Macron”

NATO was “between trump and Macron”: while the first considers it obsolete, the second insists that he suffered “brain death”, writes in his article for the Hürriyet Daily News former Advisor to the foreign Minister of Slovenia Borut of Grgich. Thoughts on Analytics, the Alliance it’s time to change to reflect current threats, and it will be impossible, if NATO will continue to not deal with geopolitics, and the quarrels between the leaders.

Эксперт: НАТО «застряло между Трампом и Макроном»

ReutersВсе began with the American President Donald trump, who is pursuing the path laid before him by George Bush, Jr. — announced that NATO is “out of date”; later oil was added to the fire the French leader Emmanuel macron, a few weeks ago who said that the Alliance suffered “brain death”, writes on the pages of Hürriyet Daily News a former adviser for foreign Affairs Minister for foreign Affairs of Slovenia Borut of Grgich. Finally, last week they met in London at the NATO summit, where he started to”play muscles” to each other, reminds the author. In the opinion of the expert, such “hassle in the style of macho” is not helpful to anyone and costly for the entire Alliance as a whole.

Although the allies really spend on the armed forces of the different parts of their budgets, these numbers actually have no meaning for the overall security status of the countries — members of the Alliance, the analyst continues. “Safety is born out of an effective strategy to neutralize actual threats”, explains Mr. Grgich. France, apparently, wants to make it clear that the Alliance need a new concept of security based on shared concept about the threats and priorities, and, in the opinion of the President of Macron, nothing like NATO now is not in sight, he suggests.

However,the “precipitate” of the French leader because he “behaves very French” and “randomly” criticizes the Alliance is not so simple — because Mr. trump ever since the inauguration of acting “unilaterally and recklessly”: he withdrew from Syria, ceased to participate in the peace process in the middle East and refused to the”nuclear deal with Iran”, absolutely not thinking about the needs of Europe, lists of Grgich.

Trump has built “self-deception and self-praise to an art form” — returning from the London NATO summit, he wrote on Twitter that thanks to his remarkable diplomatic skills, was able to convince NATO allies to spend more on defence, says the expert. This is not true — how wrong and his words about the fact that the USA has not changed their defense spending. The fact is that Mr. trump does not pay proper attention to anything in politics and prefers to be guided not by reason but by instincts, I’m sure the author. “Trump is the king of bluff, and the macron him on this bluff was caught,”he said.

Thus, the fact that the American President and did not discuss either with his French counterpart, nor with any other of those present at the summit of heads of state of threats facing the Alliance, it is not surprising, says Grgic. Trump spoke exclusively about the budget and did the rest only on whether they allocate funds for defense, he said. Such “vulgar” approach is infinitely far from “the very real threats it is facing on the threshold of Europe”, including the Syrian conflict, a political crisis in Israel and increasing instability in Iran, the analyst believes.

According to Grgich, this week the heads of NATO countries at least begun to mention the increasing competition from China — but they almost didn’t say anything about their own Eastern borders, nor Russia. Meanwhile, when the author first visited Ukraine with an official visit in 2005 in the company of the then acting Chairman of OSCE Dimitry Rupel, the newly elected Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko warned him that Russia would remain a”long term enemy” for Kiev and without the support of the EU and NATO, Ukraine’s future will hang in the balance, stresses in the material. Since then it has passed 14 years, but the”final solution” of the issue of Ukraine’s accession to NATO, despite the earlier promises by the West, never has been, complains Grgich. No, the Alliance and strategic vision in relation to Azerbaijan and the Caucasus, which could become NATO ‘s”corridor to the Caspian sea”, where it can more effectively resist “strategic expansion” of China and “aggressive policy” of Russia in the CIS.

Instead of discussing long-term geopolitical goals and to reform the Alliance to confront current threats, NATO prefer to gossip about how the canadian Prime Minister ridiculed trump for the eyes, or decide who won the “battle of London” — trump or macron, says Grgic. NATO should become “serious” and reconsider their political objectives — and only in this case it will be able to survive in the next decade, concludes the author.

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