Expert: rockets at shipyard and there is no US aircraft carriers

Эксперт: ракетами по верфи и нет авианосцев США

The topic of a possible military conflict, which may arise through the fault of the militaristic West, concerned not only American and European, but also Russian experts.

Deputy head of raran on information policy Konstantin Sivkov said: strike with cruise missiles with conventional warheads to a shipyard in Newport News, Virginia immediately destroy all carriers. The US carrier fleet will turn into nothing. It is known that this shipyard repairing and building ships.

The Pentagon meanwhile are calling to completely abandon the use of aircraft carriers. Deputy head of the Pentagon Michael Griffin urged to develop additional weapons systems, including hypersonic missiles.

Analysis of the problems of the American military-industrial complex in the English-speaking resource:

Эксперт: ракетами по верфи и нет авианосцев США

American experts at the same time warn that Washington has little to counter Russia and China in case of war. Moscow and Beijing in recent years has created a fairly strong network of radar systems and electronic warfare, and missiles. USA should not count on military superiority, which in the Eastern Europe and in the Western Pacific ocean has been lost.

By the way, the Japanese are already worried because of a possible military Alliance between Russia and China. Unequal allies and partners USA announced in late October that Moscow and Beijing will discuss his conclusion, that’s just how it will take shape is still unknown, and official information is missing. So far, all rumours.

Meanwhile, the PLA is already involved in military exercises conducted by Russia (“East-2018”, “Center-2019”), and also concluded a military agreement, the contents of which remained unknown to third parties. in Addition, the Russian authorities are helping Beijing to develop a system for early detection, which supports nuclear strategy. The level of Russian-Chinese military cooperation is quite high.

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