Experts answer: how many eggs can you eat on the holidays without harm to health?

It is important to watch what you eat along with the eggs.

Фахівці відповідають: скільки яєць можна з&#039їсти на свята без шкоди для здоров&#039я?

During holiday weekends the number of eggs in the diet of the Ukrainians will increase at least twice. And is it harmful? It is no secret that eggs are rich in useful elements, but the man to eat more than three eggs a day? Answers learn from nutritionists, reports Rus.Media.

Three eggs a day – the norm for a healthy person. So say specialists in nutrition. But it is equally important to pay attention to the foods you eat along with the eggs.

Cholesterol in eggs

In the past, eggs received a bad reputation due to the high amount of cholesterol (186 mg per 1 large egg). Experts believed that it will negatively affect blood cholesterol which can cause heart attacks. However, recent studies have shown that the impact of eating eggs on cholesterol level in the blood is minimal.

According to medical research, the standard rate for a person – up to seven eggs a week. Some doctors argue that even consuming two to three eggs per day does not pose a threat to health.

What eggs best

You must remember that not all eggs are equally useful or harmful. The ones that are sold in supermarkets, contain supplements that feed the chickens in the factories. The “home” birds are most useful because they contain much higher levels of omega-3 and vitamins.

What can you eat eggs

It is important to watch what you eat along with the eggs. This will determine the correct amount of eggs for you. One large egg contains about 80 calories, 5 g fat, 6 g protein. Therefore, if you plan to eat 3-4 eggs, consider the protein content of other foods on the dining table. If you plan all day to be on my feet” – eggs will be an excellent source of protein.

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