Experts called berries for the recovery of the lungs

Эксперты назвали ягоды для оздоровления легких

Thanks to the blueberries and grapes a person can keep their lungs strong and healthy.

Several scientists from the USA conducted a study and named the berries for improvement, blueberries and grapes help to strengthen lungs and increase respiratory protection against various kinds of inflammations. If you eat these berries, their effect is substantial already after a few years. According to studies, volunteers who ate blueberries and grapes become less susceptible to viruses and infections that can damage the tissue of the lungs. The principle favorable effects based on flavonoids. Scientists report that this component is also present in red currant, hawthorn and chokeberry. However, these berries are not so often used in foods like blueberries and grapes. These berries are loved by many and is such a health product does not have to “force yourself to have”.
Earlier, American scientists had published a list of products, which when used in humans, increased intelligence. And there’s also in first place was the berries.


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