Experts called prevent weight loss products

Not always to part with excess weight, only prevent oily or farinaceous food. Nutritionists have listed unexpected products, which undermines the effectiveness of diet and sports, writes the news newspaper “the latest news”.

The experts first of all recommend to abandon the packaged juices. There is a perception that fruit juices in contrast to carbonated drinks will be beneficial. But it is not. In-store juices contain lots of sugar and little fruit itself. Very high in calories because sugar and dry cream is coffee pods 3-in-1. This drink is for those who watches weight, it is better not to use it.

Will not promote weight loss cereals, as they contain the daily norm of calories. Not recommended by nutritionists and purchased yogurt with additives, and cottage cheese. They contain a lot of sugar. Experts advise to replace such products to natural analogues using honey or fruit. In addition, from your diet you need to remove the sausages, which are TRANS fats.

Earlier experts explained why avocado helps to lose weight.It turns out that green fruit helps to maintain the body’s high levels of leptin – the satiety hormone. Because of this, the person retains the feeling of satiety, which promotes weight loss.