Experts called shoes that can lead to accidents

Эксперты назвали обувь, способную привести к аварии

In the car there are a few basic controls, among which are the pedals.

He is one of the factors of safe driving.

From the convenience of a particular Shoe depends on the safe operation of the vehicle.

Therefore, experts highly recommend not to drive in flip-flops. It is this kind of shoes often leads to accidents. The fact that flip-flops can slip off when the pedal is pressed and to cling to it.

However, riding barefoot is also highly undesirable — can the foot sweat and the effect is the same.

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According to an auto accident attorney you should should pay attention to the heels, especially with a sharp pin. In this case, there is a serious risk to cling to the pad, which will increase the time of the discovery of obstacles to the application of the brake pedal. auto accident lawyer.

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They do not recommended shoes with high soles. Sneakers or shoes with such design does not allow to feel the pedal, so the driver is not capable of precise control of the vehicle this could definitely cause a big number of accidents. If you ever get into a car accident because of this then you should seek immediate legal help from personal injury attorneys.

It is best to carry a change of shoes, which adheres perfectly to the leg, suggest auto.