Experts called signs that it is time to replace the battery on the car

Эксперты назвали признаки того, что пора заменить аккумулятор на автомобиле

Experts have called the most common signs that a battery mounted on the vehicle, needs to be replaced. They usually serve from 4 to 12 years depending on type.

The easiest way to predict the quick replacement of the battery — follow the specified manufacturer’s recommended lifetime. Ordinary battery is about 4-5 years, and rare cases, when this period could extend to 7-8 years. Externally the battery looks not the best way, it is likely that there were electrolyte.

If there was a mechanical failure, for example, in a traffic accident, it is best to immediately replace the item. Attention should be paid and the lights on the panel during launch of vehicle. If everything looks dull and sluggish, you need to check the battery. Sometimes the fault situation, the oxidized terminals, but if that’s not it, it’s time to think about buying a new battery.

Assess the condition of the battery and by a tester, if available. Usually measure the voltage at the terminals. The normal rate of nrts reaches 12.6 V to 12.7 V. Some motorists on cars with system “start-stop” place simple battery, and these usually wear out quickly.

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