Experts declared smokers gluttons

Специалисты объявили курильщиков обжорами

It is believed that on average, smokers eat less than non-smokers, and some are even afraid to quit, fearing to gain weight after that. However, a recent study showed that people who suffer from nicotine addiction, prefer more high-calorie foods, which, moreover, is rarely useful.

Researchers from the U.S., representing Yale and Fairfield universities, have used the data of previously conducted survey, in which participated more than five thousand Americans. As it turned out, people who smoke cigarettes, on average, prefer foods with higher energy density, that is, their food contains more calories per kilogram of body weight. The average energy density of the diet of non-smokers was 1.79 kcal per gram, while those who smoked a cigarette or more a day — 2.02 kilocalories per gram, that is much more.

The obtained results were partly due to the fact that non-smokers generally preferred more healthy food — in particular, consumed more fruits, vegetables, and other foods containing few calories and also less likely to prefer fatty foods.

Experts suggest that as smokers and those who recently renounced bad habits (especially if they are afraid to gain weight) should be especially careful to monitor his diet and try to eat less high-calorie food. According to scientists, this will not only save the figure, but in General can benefit the health.

The study was published in BMC Public Health.

Last year, scientists have found that the desire to lose weight is one of the main reasons why people start Smoking. The specialists, recognizing that the relationship between Smoking and weight loss does exist, called the habit a major debilitating factor between presence and absence which people choose themselves.


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