Experts explained why during a repair, you may get a fatal disease

Эксперты рассказали, почему во время ремонта можно получить смертельное заболевание

Researchers from Sweden found that frequent overhaul may entail irreversible consequences. And those most at risk are people with tobacco addiction.

Those occupations that are associated with the renovations the most at risk for the deadly disease -diffuse sclerosis. Scientists explained that this is due to the fact that people are constantly breathing vapors harmful dyes and solvents that can cause sclerosis, or even lung cancer. Also, this profession is dangerous because the disease may be transmitted genetically.

According to the researchers, multiple sclerosis is a disease that violates the integrity of brain and spinal cord. For the disease characterized by pain, paralysis, impaired vision and reduced sensitivity.

Scientists conducted an experiment in which interviewed almost 5 thousand patients with multiple sclerosis, and found that most of them often in contact with hazardous substances. Therefore, the researchers concluded that frequent overhaul may cause such dangerous diseases. Particularly strong pair harmful components affect smokers lungs and so amazed.


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