Experts have called 13 products that can help you lose weight

Специалисты назвали 13 продуктов, помогающих похудеть

In the first place in the list of a nutritionist is almonds, Brazil nuts, and sprouted wheat. In these foods contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Specialists, nutritionists decided to compile a list of products, not only rich in nutrients as well which help a person to lose weight. Note that this rating is composed of 13 names. First on the list is almonds, Brazil nuts and sprouted wheat. In addition to these substances in these products as there is and iron, magnesium, fiber and calcium. Also, the ratings were: lentils, porridge, oatmeal, avocado, potatoes and broccoli. In addition, there are fish rich in fats, chicken protein source, and eggs contain leucine, which helps the muscles to grow.

Experts gave advice that losing weight people should eat blueberries because it has a lot of plant polyphenols that reduce the growth of fat cells.


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