Experts have called 5 useful properties of potatoes

Traditionally it is considered that potatoes are not very healthy, so when statistics reports a decrease in consumption of potatoes, nutritionists, even rejoice, saying, food becomes healthier.

However, many experts in nutrition believe that the bad reputation potatoes still didn’t deserve it. And argue.

First, regular consumption of potatoes you get a sufficient amount of water and ions. This is because potatoes are rich in potassium, which are especially numerous in the potato peel.

Secondly, the potato contains large amounts of vitamin C, and vitamins a, b and P, calcium, and magnesium.

Third, potatoes and reduces inflammation, both inside and outside, and some of its varieties (especially red potatoes) contain high amounts of antioxidants that prevent tumor.

Fourth, doctors say that a potato is useful for the brain and even to lower blood pressure.

Fifth, since potatoes predominantly contain carbohydrates, they are easy to digest and accelerate the process of digestion. And this makes the potato an ideal product for children or people who cannot digest hard food but need energy. Potatoes have a significant amount of fiber that stimulates bowel movements. The main thing — do not overdo it!

Nutritionists explain that the appearance of the potato looks big, but to get better on potatoes is difficult, because it consists of 80% water. However, it all depends on the method of preparation. If you add in mashed potatoes a lot of butter, the body gets a hefty dose of calories. And fried potatoes in addition to calories will add body and even cholesterol. The proper way of cooking potatoes – baking in the skin.

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