Experts have called a “branded chip” style Meghan Markle

Эксперты назвали «фирменную фишку» стиля Меган Маркл

Experts Harper’s Bazaar believe that this boatneck, which makes the outfits the Duchess of Sussex refined and strict.

Recently Meghan Markle has become for many a style icon. Every image evokes the admiration of fans and booms in the stores. Groupies try to repeat its style, and the fashion houses get faultless advertising. In this regard, the magazine Harper’s Bazaar conducted a study called “branded chip” style Meghan Markle. Experts have decided that this is the crew neck. This cut the top of the outfits makes them strict and at the same time sophisticated. After the wedding with Prince Harry Magen Markle increasingly appears in dresses with a boat neckline. It experts have called even more conservative than V-shaped, which prefers clothes of Kate Middleton.

It should be noted that the boatneck preferred Audrey Hepburn, but most often it is associated with wedding dresses, now, Meghan Markle has a chance to change this trend.


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