Experts have called the main factors of losing weight in the summer

Специалисты назвали главные факторы похудения летом

American experts conducted their study on a group of soldiers who are in countries with different climatic conditions.

The correct ratio of hot weather, nutrition, and physical activity can become the main for a person who plans to lose weight.

Scientists have studied the contents of rations for military personnel and their favor while in countries with different climate. It turned out that even if the air temperature rises only one degree, the value of food consumed decreases, for at least 110 calories. Thus, if we are talking about the sultry climate, the person is not particularly hungry and he is gaining much less than is the case at moderate temperatures.

Similar situation with physical activity. The more mobile and energetic life is the person, the less food it requires for saturation, as paradoxical as it may sound. For example, an athlete consumes after a workout is 25 percent less food than without exercise.

To overcome overeating allows spicy foods. Saturation and loss of appetite reduced for those people who love generously season hot sauces your meals.

Scientists believe that in the future should continuously apply that knowledge to the development of more productive and quality diets.


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