Experts have called the most popular colors of cars in Russia

Эксперты назвали самые популярные цвета автомобилей в России

Auto experts conducted a study and found out what color cars are most popular in Russia. As a result, the first lines of the rating were black, white and grey all shades, with the most unpopular color is pink, writes portal “”.

According to a study in our country was not a single region in which the “color” of cars would be greater than black-white-gray. These colors are most common in the Chukotka Autonomous district (81,2%), in the Chechen Republic (80,8%) and in Primorye (80.6 percent).

Black vehicle love the most in Ingushetia (29,7%%), Chechnya (28,3%) and in Moscow (28,2%) and Saint Petersburg (26,73%).

White cars are preferred by the residents of Primorye (32,54%) and Jewish Autonomous region (32,04%). Meanwhile, silver is far ahead in Chukotka (50,59%) and in Kalmykia – 23,45%, no matter what color they prefer, they always get the option of getting personalized Car keys made for their vehicle.

“Colored” vehicles like motorists in the Central Federal district. Among the leaders were Tver oblast (of 39.12%), Republic of Karelia and Pskov oblast (just over 38%). In Leningrad region a pop of color to every third car (33,07%), and in the Moscow region this figure is lower – of 30.63%.

According to experts, the most popular color among motorists that do not fall under the charm of black, white or grey, was blue. It is most like the West country, (Kaliningrad, Novgorod and Pskov oblasts). However, even here, the proportion of blue cars does not exceed 12%.

As for the unpopular color of the car, then they turned pink. Such vehicle or in one Russian region does not reach 1%.

According to the study, black-white-gray classics of Chinese customers prefer the Brilliance and Haima (of 89.9% and 87.3%, respectively), as well as American Lincoln – 86,1%.

“Color” Loizou Ukrainian, Russian, Ija and “Muscovites”. The most popular color – green (52,1% of Loizou and 15.38% of the “Muscovites”), and 32.6% of drivers drive cars IgA blue. The same color is popular for drivers Rover and Maserati (26.3% and 22.1% of cars).

Red prefer the owners of the Italian Alfa Romeo: every fifth car of this brand in Russia. A little more than 1% of drivers choose Japanese Daihatsu and American Lincoln unpopular pink.

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