Experts have developed a diet that helps to maintain youthfulness

Специалисты разработали диету, которая поможет сохранить молодость

A group of Austrian and German scientists for several years have developed a diet that aims to increase life expectancy. Studies show that the selected experts diet helps to maintain a youthful appearance.

The basis scientists took the knowledge that with age the body loses important chemical compound spermidin that first and foremost it keeps you young. They attempted to make up for its loss by artificial means, which should benefit us all. Specialists conducted the study, which was attended by about 900 people.

The participants had to fill in questionnaires in which they indicated how the number spermidina they consume daily. The results showed that people who consumed less than 60 micromol spermidine experienced health problems in the next 5 years. Those whose diet contained more than the number of chemical compounds to feel much better. The experts noted that the high concentration spermidine observed in foods such as: cabbage, peas, mushrooms, nuts, potatoes and cheese. Their moderate consumption will help to maintain youthfulness longer.


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