Experts have found, harmful by any Bluetooth headphones

Специалисты выяснили, опасны ли для здоровья Bluetooth-наушники

It is considered that the electromagnetic radiation generated by all modern electronic devices is safe for human health, however, among scientists there is still no consensus on this. American biochemist Jerry Phillips believes that the existing standards, which adhere to, for example, manufacturers of Bluetooth headphone can not be called truly safe.

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Специалисты выяснили, опасны ли для здоровья Bluetooth-наушники

Danger are primarily those devices that are as close to the body. That is, smartphones and various gadgets. In recent years become very popular wireless headset, and this fact, according to experts, once again makes one wonder about the danger of electromagnetic radiation.

Jerry Phillips is one of the scientists who signed sent to the who and the UN a petition warning about the potentially harmful impact of wireless transmission of information on health. The scientist believes that Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, as well as other types of electromagnetic radiation increase the likelihood of cancer.

Joel Moskowitz from the Centre for health protection of the family and society at the University of California says that specifically Bluetooth headphones can affect the blood — brain barrier, a natural defense mechanism that does not allow bacteria and toxins to enter the brain with blood.


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