Experts have found how diets are harmful to health

Специалисты выяснили, как диеты вредят здоровью

American nutritionists warn that a strictly dosed meals lead to metabolic disorders and harm to the mental and physical health.

Leading experts on nutrition and nutritionists United States conducted a study, which analyzed dozens of scientific papers on a strict diet, and came to the conclusion that strictly metered meals harm health. Scientists have found that a strict diet lead to the fact that the body is deprived of essential nutrients, and cause multiple side effects, including metabolic disorders, mental and physical health. The specialists do not deny that the body mass index under strict diet is reduced, but the damage to the body is considered more significant.

Want to lose weight quickly and without harm to the body of American nutritionists advised to monitor the saturation level of the conventional products and to engage in intensive physical activity. At the same time, experts say, it is important to “listen” to your body and “give” him fatty or salty, just in reasonable quantities.


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